Moths are winged insects between 6-14mm depending on species and are harmless to humans in their adult form. However, they can lay their eggs in the home and their caterpillars can be extremely destructive to clothes, carpets and textiles. The most common pest varieties are the clothes moth, the brown house moth and the white-shouldered house moth. 


Moths come in many different sizes and species developing from eggs to larva, pupa and adult. Although the adult moth lives for only a few weeks, their hungry caterpillars, or larvae, eat holes in fabrics and carpets. Moths are particularly attracted to dark areas within rarely used rooms and to piles of unwashed clothing where their eggs can be laid. 


Good housekeeping measures are usually effective in preventing moth infestation. However, a severe infestation can be both expensive and distressing as personal belongings are destroyed. Large or repeated infestations will require a professional moth control service to ensure eradication.