Ants are insects, 4-5mm in length, which live in colonies numbering in the thousands. There are over 40 species found in the UK but the most common is the black garden ant. They can enter the home in search for food leaving a trail of scent for other ants in the colony to follow. The less common yellow/brown Pharaoh ant tends to be more common in large heated building such as hospitals, commercial properties and flats.


Ant colonies begin with the queen ant that, having mated, excavates a hole and prepares to lay her eggs which will emerge as larvae. The larvae then pupate and develop into an adult. The queen continues to lay eggs and the worker ants seek out food to maintain the colony.


Destroying individual ants is of little benefit as more will be sure to follow. As with all pest infestations it is best to seek professional advice to properly eradicate the problem.